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I want to thank, especial thank to Dr. Medhi, Who was handling the case of my mother Mrs. Lul Shaiye Ali from Somalia. Dr. Medhi, he showed us kindness and gave us a warm welcome. My mother has taken chemotherapy treatments and has recovered from cancer. Dr. Medhi and his assistant Mr. Atindra, I cannot forget in my life time because of the kindness they showed, also I cannot cover Dr. Medhi his good personality and wide experience of the doctor this page .


God never appears himself but answers to all prayers in different ways. In my case going to Batra hospital and getting treated by Dr. K. Medhi was the answer to my prayers. Treatment apart his motivation gave me a new approach towards life. I received full support from the entire team of nurse, radiologists, labs and admin staff. Today when I go for follow up it feels like meeting my extended family.


My father was reported to be a cancer patient in 2013 and was referred to Dr. Medhi. My father is now completely cured and out of danger. Dr. Medhi is one of those doctor, upon whom a patient can blindly rely upon.


Dr. Kunjahari Medhi, the name itself is enough to scare the carcinoma cells. He is an epitome of knowledge, care and sharing for his patient. My mother was diagnosed with TCC 3rd stage. I went mad and confused whom and where should I trust for my mother’s treatment. Someone told me about Dr. Medhi and his first reaction was “your mother is my mother too… Don’t worry”. I knew these were the safest hands. He meant it Dr. Medhi and his team very calculative and blessed did the entire treatment for my mother. Today she is a survivor and healthy. He is like an angel, his hands are god’s hands, he gifted me my mom.


I want to thank, special thanks to Dr. Medhi, who was handling the case of from Somalia. Dr. Medhi , showed us kindness and warm welcome. I Can not forget in my life time because of kindness and expertise they gave us.


Underwent my treatment under the care of Dr. Medhi. I must say, it was the love and support from family and friends coupled with Dr. Medhi's unwavering positivity that made me pass through the ordeal. I found Dr. Medhi to be professional yet friendly, confident in all that he prescribed for me and above all someone who could be approached at any time. I admire his concern for his patient, having experienced if myself. I am sincerely grateful to him for acception me as his patient and for giving me the best possible treatment.


Dr. K. Medhi is not only an extra ordinary doctor but also he is an extra ordinary human being. He understands the sufferings and pains that patients are going through and gives his patients the strength to recover. I feel he is one of the best medical oncologists of the world, who works hard to serve humanity and handle with care his patients, always deserves honor, appreciation & good vibes. I want to extend a heartful "gratitude and thanks" for his fantastic treatment to my male breast cancer and I am free from disease now. I also thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients like us. We feel lucky that we are in your safe hand


I came to India with my husband in spring 2017.soon after wards, I was diagnosed with a serious disease (Cancer) and I underwent treatment under the care of a wonderful Dr. Medhi and his medical team. After six long months treatment, I have been cured I would like to thank extremely Dr. Medhi, Mr. Atindra my supportive guide along the hospital corridors & Mr. Anu as an attentive nurse and all the staff who took grant care of me ,”A big thank you ,god bless you all”.


NO one anticipates to get such a dreaded disease. But when there are doctors like Dr. Medhi, half the battle is won before the medicines even start. His pleasing personality and his empathetic nature helped me in my journey of recovery .THANK YOU Dr. Medhi and the batra hospital team for all that you do every day, you make difference in people’s life and wish you the best for coming days too.


I was diagnosed with carcinoma of left breast with liver metastases in December,2013. Listening to the word cancer, I and all my dear ones thought that was the end of my journey of life I was broken. Dr. Kunjahari Medhi, after carrying out full investigation told me not to worry. It may not be totally curable but certainly controllable and he started the treatment and told me to continue my normal routine. Now its been 5 years, I have been living a normal life. I even encourage others. I am grateful to Dr. Medhi and his entire staff for their Encouragement and effective treatment. May god bless Dr. Medhi with good health.


Privileged to be treated under a very experienced and a wonderful human being in Dr. Kunjahari Medhi a person with wealth of knowledge and expertise. I was brought in from FIJI, Islands, some two months ago where it seem that I would never make it. The team of Doctors and support staff who are so caring and concerned about the patient. With a person of Dr. Medhi's caliber and his team, I was very homely.


After my surgery for cancer, I was hesitant to undergo Chemotherapy for the fear of dying from the Chemotherapy. Then is when Dr. K. Medhi stepped in his patience in explaining the procedure and his personal supervision and constant presence during every Chemotherapy session is what got me through the trauma. Today I am back to a normal life because of his constant support. Dr. Medhi & The oncology team at Batra Hospital gave the best of services with a human touch. That in very rare to find these days. May they continue lighting up lives when there is darkness for cancer patients.


I was diagnosed with blood cancer (AML) in September, 2012, it was like the end of the world to be. I find myself lucky that me & my husband chose batra hospital. When Dr. Medhi explained to me about the treatment with his positive attitude, I got the courage to go ahead. During the course of the treatment I observed that he is not just an excellent doctor but a noble person as well. I must say that he is a blessing to all the patients who are fighting for their life. His smiling face and positivity helps his patients to recover fast. I will never forget that he came to wish his patients personally on the Diwali night despite his busy schedule. I am thankful to Dr. Medhia and all the support staff.

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